Tuesday, 11 December 2012

'I Know Who I Am' and "Pregnancy Tale" available at www.amazon.co.uk

If the Cap Fits by Vikki Rimmer - BUY HERE

A modern-day love story of two under-prepared parents-to-be who put the baby before the bath-water and realise, as the epidural kicks in, that they’ll be together forever. No bootie knitting patterns or smug-pregnancy tales included just honest bouts of vomiting, fear, mad midwives and bumpy sex.

Delivered in the traditional 'weekly' style of a pregnancy manual, the book offers an alternative view of pregnancy.

When Margaret woke up in the asylum she had no recollection of having given birth to her son John. She no longer remembered her husband or her little girl. She did not know how she'd ended up incarcerated, all she knew was she wanted to find herself and go home. 

I KNOW WHO I AM details Margaret's post natal journey back to health after suffering the trauma of losing her memory following the birth of her son. 

Margaret's story describes what it was like to be treated for mental health issues in early 1970s Britain. It is heartwarming, shocking and amusing tale with a love story at it's heart.I Know Who I am by Margaret Rimmer - BUY HERE